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You find yourself being the only one left after a gunfight out of a deserted saloon. Do you take your time to heal up or decide to take a run for it and hope for the best?

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Vultair is a game in which you must harness yourself from all the hostile elements.

  1. Grow food to prevent yourself from starving
  2. Build a house to keep enemies at bay
  3. Gather materials to help yourself survive easier

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Cast Away Chickens

A whole bunch of chickens have stranded on an island and all they have to eat is... CHICKEN?!?

Play as a chicken and grow as large as you can by eating drumsticks and other chickens.

Will you be the biggest of them all? Get coins by winning and obtains skins to show your friends who is the best!

What are you waiting for? Those chickens aren't going to eat themselves... Or do they?
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It's raining and it won't stop!
Now everything is flooding...
Climb as quick as possible to stay out of the water.
Beware though, as obstacles can obstruct your way up and make it harder to proceed.
Can you find yourself being saved before the water gets to you first?


  1. Free-to-play
  2. Endless gameplay
  3. Simple swipe control

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Pico Neo 2 - VRTK support

This project demonstrates how to integrated VRTK scenes with Pico VR SDK.
There are seven scenes which are already configured with Pico SDK v2.8.5 in Assets-VRTK-Examples for reference.
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